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Dr. Max Mannheimer | ART e.V. – Aktion gegen Rassismus für Toleranz

Dr. Max Mannheimer

Dr. Max Mannheimer


Dr. Max Mannheimer  is founder member of ART

“To me, humanity is the most important thing. It involves all intrinsic values that are vital for society, for living together in peace: respect, helpfulness, tolerance and responsibility.” NEVER AGAIN.”


” You are not responsible for that what  happened-

but  that it will never happen again!”

Vita Dr. Max Mannheimer
Born in Neutitschein/Nordmähren (today: Czech Republic) on February, 6, 1920.
Survivor of the Holocaust. Survivor of the concentration camps in Theresienstadt, Auschwitz-Birkenau and Dachau.
Was liberated in Tutzing on April 30, 1945 by the Americans.

Except his brother Edgar, his first wife aged 22, his parents, his brothers Erich and Ernst and his sister Käthe have not survived the Holocaust.

Although he had sworn to himself that he will never come back to Germany, he returned in 1946 and married his second wife – a German called Elfriede Eiselt, who was in the anti-Nazi resistance movement involved. Elfriede died in 1964 from cancer. From 1952 – 1960 she was a member of the Munich Town-council for the Socialdemocratic Party.

Max Mannheimer is very well-known for giving lectures on his experiences in the concentration camps, the Third Reich, and the Nazi regime in schools, universities and any other places of education. Mannheimer says about himself: “I’m here talking as a witness of that period of time, not as accusant or a judge.”
He is the personification of pure wisdom, intelligence, love, and wit.

His name as painter is ben jakov – his hebrew name.
He is the author of the biographical book “Spätes Tagebuch” (= Late Diary, Pendo Verlag, 2000) and he is also Chairman of “Lagergemeinschaft Dachau” and Vice-President of Comité International de Dachau.
He is honorary member of the association “Gegen Vergessen – Für Demokratie” (= Against Forgetting – For Democracy), too.

Max Mannheimer is married to an American. They have got a son. From his deceased wife Elfriede he has a daughter. Both live in Munich.

Der Weisse Rabe – Max Mannheimer (The White Raven – Max Mannheimer), 2009 (Carolin Otto)

- Knight of the French Legion of Honor (Chevalier de la
Légion d’Honneur francaise)
- Georg-von-Vollmar-Medaille
- Wilhelm-Hoegner-Preis
- Auschwitz-Kreuz
- Herzog-Heinrich-Medaille
- Medaille “München leuchtet”
- Ehrenbürgerschaft der Stadt Neutitschein
- Waldemar-von-Knoeringen-Preis
- Oberbayerischer Kulturpreis
- Bundesverdienstkreuz
- Bayerischer Verdienstorden
- Bayerische Verfassungsmedaille
- Honorary doctorate LMU München
and many more




The Technical University of Munich* – In the Shadow of the University – 15

Interviewer: Max Mannheimer, at the time, you were on the other side of the fence, so to speak, from where Frau Zaidenstadt was. How did you manage to deal with that?

Mannheimer: In Birkenau, on the loading ramp, I saw my parents for the last time. Later in Auschwitz I lost one of my brothers. Altogether six out of eight members of my family were murdered. I was liberated by the Americans on April 30, 1945, but after the war I suffered from depression for many years. In 1981, in America, I suffered a nervous breakdown brought on by seeing a swastika on a wall. Whenever I took a shower, I used to check to make sure that there would really be water coming out. For some years I was able to give my lectures only with the help of medication. I managed to suppress the memory of that horrific time only at the movies or when I was painting. The periods of depression were the worst thing.

(To be continued)

Source: Interview, D. Mittler und M. Staudinger, „Erinnerung an das Konzentrationslager Dachau“, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 31 March 2008.

*The Technical University of Munich, officially recognized by the German government as an “elite university,” is ranked 67 among the world’s universities. That is, for example, sixteen places below Seoul National University of South Korea. (The Times of London, Higher Education Supplement [THES], World University Rankings, 2007)

“I feel like someone who has been attacked and injured by a group of thugs. You forgive the thugs, but at the same time you have to warn other people about them.” – George Sand

“I love (my country) more than any other country in the world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually.” – James Baldwin


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